Extensive Range of Slit Coil Options for Efficient Packaging Solutions

July 7, 2023by VALGO GROUP0

Valgo provides a variety of slit coil packaging machines designed for the coil splitting process. This involves cutting or slitting a master coil into smaller coils.

Our machines are compatible with both steel and aluminum coils of different gauges.

We offer customized options with multiple strap placement choices, allowing you to find the perfect machine to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Here are some of the slit coil options available:

1: SKE/MR2LS-31J:

  • This machine applies straps around the circumference of the coils with the axis perpendicular to the coil run.
  • The top-mounted strapping head is compatible with 19, 25, and 32 mm steel straps.
  • It features two inclined lances for strap application through the coil transport cradle.

2: SKD/MRL-31J:

  • These machines strap coils through the eye and are equipped with automatic coil center positioning.
  • They have an arch rotation capability of up to 260 degrees.

3: SKE/MRC2L-31J:

  • This strapping machine allows alternate strapping of two coils circumferentially with the axis parallel to the coil travel.
  • The strapping head accommodates a 32 mm wide steel strap and moves between two packing lines on a carriage.

4: SVKE/RMRS2L31J-400J:

  • This automatic machine applies circumferential strapping with the axis perpendicular to the coil run.
  • It has a double-head configuration, with one steel strap and one polyester strap, allowing easy switching between the two.


  • Specifically designed for strapping hot coils up to 800 degrees C, this machine applies circumferential strapping with the axis perpendicular to coil travel.
  • It features a movable lance for precise strap positioning inside the coil transport cradle.
  • The strapping head is suitable for a 32 mm steel strap.

6: SKC/FR31J:

  • This machine is designed to work with hot coils up to 800 degrees C.
  • It features an automatic coil center positioning unit and a strap guide that opens for coil evacuation.

7: VKE/FL400J:

  • Specifically created for strapping ingots, this machine utilizes a 19-25-32 mm PET strap.
  • The strapping head welds the strap using friction and applies a maximum tension of up to 800 kg.
  • Using a polyester strap eliminates the risk of scratching or leaving rust on the ingots’ surface.

8: SKE/MRL-11J:

  • This ingot strapping machine is compatible with a 19 mm steel strap.
  • It provides a strap joint assured against release in both directions.
  • The movable lance allows for easy strap introduction under the package.

9: SKE/FRL12:

  • Designed for strapping slit coils through the eye with a minimum flat surface of 70 mm.
  • The strapping head joins the 16 mm steel strap with a single spot weld using argon gas.
  • The moveable lance facilitates strap introduction through the coil eye.

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