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Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)

Valgo Machinery has created top-of-the-line uncoiler machines with your needs in mind.

Whether you currently possess an in-house rollformer or are in the process of acquiring one, an uncoiler (decoiler) is an essential component, either already in your possession or awaiting purchase.

Your extensive research in selecting the perfect rollformer aligns with Valgo Machinery’s advice to apply the same level of evaluation and consideration when obtaining coil handling equipment.

Ensuring it fulfills all your requirements is paramount for optimal performance.

Valgo constructs coil handling equipment that efficiently manages heavy gauge steel coils, day after day, shift after shift. With our specialized coil-handling solutions, you’ll experience reduced coil changeover time and minimized rollformer downtime, enabling you to concentrate on maximizing productivity.

Valgo Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)
Valgo Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)
Valgo Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)
Valgo Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)
Material width1250mm  Max.
Material thk2.0 mm Max.
Coil weigh25MT Max.

What Is Decoiler or Uncoiler Machine?

A Decoiler or Uncoiler serves as a crucial coil management equipment, specifically designed to securely hold and smoothly uncoil steel strips. Positioned at the start of a metal coil production line, it is typically paired with a sheet metal straightener and press feeder for seamless operations.

How does a decoiler work?

A decoiler serves the crucial function of safely holding and paying off steel strips, facilitating their smooth uncoiling process. Meanwhile, the coiler takes charge of controlling the speed and direction of the metal strip, directing it to the processing line for various applications, including slitting, tube mill entry, and roll forming entry.

There are several types of decoiler machines designed to cater to different coil handling needs. Some common types include:

  1. Mandrel Decoiler: This type of decoiler uses a mandrel or spindle to hold the coil securely. It is suitable for handling heavier and larger coils.
  2. Pallet Decoiler: Pallet decoilers use a pallet or cradle to hold the coil. They are versatile and can handle a wide range of coil sizes.
  3. Double Mandrel Decoiler: As the name suggests, this type of decoiler has two mandrels, allowing for faster coil changeover and improved efficiency.
  4. Motorized Decoiler: Motorized decoilers come equipped with a motor that assists in the uncoiling process, making it easier and more automated.
  5. Hydraulic Decoiler: Hydraulic decoilers utilize hydraulic systems to control the uncoiling process, offering precise control and stability.
  6. Unpowered Decoiler: Unpowered decoilers rely on manual efforts for uncoiling, making them suitable for smaller coils and less demanding applications.
  7. Combination Decoiler-Straightener: This type of machine combines both decoiling and straightening functions, saving space and improving workflow efficiency.

The choice of decoiler machine depends on factors such as coil size, weight, material, production volume, and the level of automation required. Selecting the appropriate type ensures smooth and efficient coil handling in various metal processing applications.

Valgo Decoiler Machine (Uncoiler Machine)
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